Aluminum – Ornament
Available shapes: Baroque (Horizontal), Snowflake, Prague, Berlin (Horizontal)

Christmas is a time of year for reflection and celebration. This light weight aluminum ornament comes in various shapes and adding a special photo will make this perfect for the holidays. But why wait for Christmas to enjoy this gift? Print a non-season photo and create a collection of home decor’ with unique hanging media such as package string, decorative ribbon or wire.

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Frosted Edge – Ornament
Available shapes: Diamond, Hexagon, Oval (Horizontal & Vertical), Round, Star

The Frosted Edge ornament has a softer color palette and extends a traditional feeling.

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Porcelain – Ornament
Available shapes: Wreath, Scallop, Star, Snowflake, Round

What do you think of when see porcelain? This elegant ornament will surely crab your attention during the holidays when you pair it with the perfect photo. You’ll smile, like it was first time, every year you hang it.

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